Monday, March 1, 2010

Tuesday morning...

David Pierce was trusted to post this blog...Sue is still trying to get our phones to work and is at the MTN (phone office). Ced, Tim, and Israel have gone to the Ikamiro Village to begin training on solar cooking and water testing. Charles Tuhaise is with me and we will soon travel to the Village, as well, to examine the proposed property for a new ACT Centre. Sue, David, Charles spend the morning at the office of the Chief Administrative officer (CAO) and we met with the assistant CAO. We are seeking their endorsement to petition the government to grant a lease for the land for the new centre. The meeting went very well--I remain amazed at the gentle style of negotiations and great respect for authority granted to all officials.

Yesterday, Monday, we spend a very productive day in a Board meeting with the entire ACT-Muko board--all were there. Some had walked in the rain and mud for miles to be there..but all were in an incredibly good mood with warm hospitality. After the board meeting, since it had rained buckets most of the day, the road to the Ikamiro Village was impassable--but we went as far as we could helping the Pastor of the Village (Rev. Julius Kyarikunda) get as far toward home as possible. The driver of the van, Christopher, is the worlds's best driver--no exaggeration. He is competent and safe...even though we had a few magical moments on the top of a very narrow road that was as slick as a January ice road in Michigan. I just try not to look while we are in traffic or on the narrow mountain roads. My prayer life has increased substantially in the van!

I appreciate hot water--though I have only seen it once so far...and I appreciate water, per se, though my room had none since a day ago. and I appreciate electricity...especially since I have it occasionally in my room--but not usually when I expect it. That said, I wouldn't trade this trip for any other...God is amazing and I see Him constantly in the people of Uganda--it makes other inconveniences rather insignificant and truly unimportant.

Last night the team had a moving and deeply person time of devotions and sharing...the team is quite close and spritually awake.

I hope Jenny had a good birthday, yesterday...sorry we have no working phones yet.

The team says "Hello and God Bless to all...and thanks for your prayers and support."

Charles Tuhaise wants to give a word:
As we held our Board meeting yesterday, torrential rain poured all day. The beautiful hills of Kabale had mist rising from the valleys, creating such spectacular scenery... What came to mind was, God has given Uganda so much wealth. This is not a country we should find poor people. I was sharing with David as we waited our turn on the computer to do this blog that what Uganda needs is good and informed leadership to turn this enormous potential wealth from God into good infrastructure and services for our people. May be ACT is one way to see this happen.

Just a word of greeting to all ACT fans and Associates. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. The mission visit is going fine and our meeting this morning with the Deputy District Chief Administrative Officer about our request for land was very positive. I just got a call from the office calling us back to meet the district land officer about our request. I now sign off as Sue, David and I head back to the land office.

God's blessings and peace to you all.

Charles & David.


  1. I am so moved by your humble and unwesternized ability to be thanful for intermiten electricty, water, hot water...praise God for patience and understanding! I am so glad your meetings went well and despite the gallons of rain there was beauty even in the valleys :)
    Dad, I am so sorry we missed your call! I can not believe Mom's hairdryer is that loud...Please call again when you have the phone's working and if she isn't reliable enough to answer YOU KNOW I WILL BE! The biggest upset of the week so far here is that Canada took gold in hockey...imagine Brian's dismay! "Those darn Canucks!" I love you and I am praying for all of you always.

  2. David - I enjoyed your description of the road up to Ikamiro and Christopher's driving ability. He is a blessing to the team and traveling those roads when wet is an excellent example of how God protects us in ways that we never appreciate.

    And yes, Electricity and Water are nice, but God also finds interesting ways to teach us that what Americans take for granted, others take as another example of Grace.


  3. I have one request before the end of the week. Will you break down your itinerary for the journey home at some point. I seem to only be able to find the first one where you depart from Midland...when you get a chance. Thank you! :)