Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The End of Sunny Day - Tuesday evening

We are attempting to post another report but the power keeps going off in Kabale. Nothing new. Today was highly successful on many fronts.
We got phones that work finally. We were sold SIM cards that had been expired. Two of our phone numbers are: 011-256-785-878-455 and 011-256-785-805-134. Please use these numbers for emergencies only. We might be out of range at many times as well.
We got called back to the CAO's office after David posted the blog below. That alone meant things were moving for ACT. We met with the gentleman in charge of land use and management for Kabale District. What a great guy! He was so interested in ACT that he asked to ride along to the village and up the mountain to Habuhinga Hill - the proposed land for ACT Centre. Balbaba, by name was literally an angel on our side. When we got to the hill, he negotiated with the village council chairman--not an easy task. But after a great deal of negotiation and relationship building, we were successful in getting the council chair and several of the men who used the space for their cattle to agree to the next steps. (By the way, Israel...not knowing what was being said to him, accidently bought a cow. Don't tell Lisa Renas, but the shipping bill may be rather large...in reality we renegotiaged for four cabbages! What can you do with college students? Israel is actually a very good team member.
Sue spent the afternoon with the women of MEP (Muko Empowerment Project). We discussed their basket-making and how the business will be paying them a wage once they have received more training and attain a highler level of quality. Then Sue taught the women about quilting! They had never seen quilts before. We actually passed around cut pieces of fabric with all the right tools purchased in Midland. The ecumenical sewing group in MIdland provided the fabric and tools. Sue showed them how to make a 4-patch. She was most surprised that most of them already knew how to sew and made perfect patches. We then spread them on the lawn and they exclaimed with delight to see the beginnings of a quilt! Sue will bring their patches back to Midland to show the sewing group. We explained to them how the women of Muko will make patches and the women of Midland will sew them with batting and backing to make the table runners and such. They were very happy to know they would be "sisters' with the group of women in Midland.
We came back to Kabale early tonight - 6:45pm. It is still light and we have some hours to take a breath and debrief our day.
David led us through a great lectio divina for our devotion last night. We are touched already by the wonderful Ugandans and their joy and hope. It is much we, as Americans, can learn from. Blessings to each of you and thank you for your prayers.


  1. Praise God for your negotiations today and the relationships you were able to build! It is amazing to think of the sisterhood that is carried across the ocean from Kabale to Midland and the beautiful quilting that will be created because of it! I am so thankful you have the cell phones working! My heart laughed hearing about Israel's attempt at negotiating as well...I think cabbage will be easier to carry on the airplane than a cow :)5 more days...

  2. I'm glad to hear things are going well with the land. I missed your call mom, while at work. I hope we can catch each other soon. Miss you and love you lots :)