Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Home again, Home again...

Dear friends,
We are finally home. I am unable to access the Internet from my computer for some reason so I am at Brinklow's using theirs. We arrived home at 10:00pm after 37 hours of travel. It was uneventful travel which is always the kind to have.

All in all, we accomplished all the goals we set out with in Uganda. Thanks in large part to the fellowship and partnership of our Ugandan friends. David preached again on Sunday morning at St. Stephens Anglican church in Kampala - Richard and Generous' church. It was wonderful with wonderful music. We dashed from their 2.5 hour service to Watoto Church (Charles' church) in Kampala. It was an inspiring Pentecostal service with great music and a good message. We spent a total of nearly 5 hours in church that morning.

Back at the hotel, we quickly packed all 9 huge suitcases with baskets and fabric and then sat with Richard and Generous and Charles to finish discussing a little more business. A surprise - we realized Josiah - the ACT-Muko Board Secretary had traveled all the way to Kampala to spend more time with us and attend church with us! He is such a dedicated volunteer for ACT and has been since 2003. Josiah teaches school in Ikamiro.

We left for Entebbe airport around 4:30pm just to avoid any possible traffic jam getting to the airport. We stopped at a hotel for one more meal with the Ugandans and then said our goodbyes at the airport curb. It is always so hard to say goodbye but we were also ready to come home.

I seem to be at a loss for words - unusual for me (Sue), I know - but I am exhausted. I plan to leave this blog open for a few more weeks just to capture some activities that will occur as a result of our trip. Again, thank you for reading this and praying for our safety and success. When I get my Internet connection resolved, I will post some additional photos from the trip.

Thanks for now...

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