Saturday, March 6, 2010

Afternoon on Saturday

Generous and Sue hit the city (Kampala) center this morning to purchase fabric. So many people, so many small shops, so many vehicles, Sat food market, complete stimulation overload. The short street held just one shop that had the right waxed fabrics to buy. I purchased 17 different types of fabric there - so much that Generous and I could hardly carry them for the weight. We stopped two other places to get a few more pieces. One place was the home of a teacher Generous knows and the other was a little beauty salon who had some pieces of fabric. One makes money when and where they can. So, I have 23 different gorgeous types of fabric. David stayed behind from going to Jinja to see the source of the Nile and worked on his sermon. Generous and I tried to get him to come fabric shopping but somehow he wasn't too interested - go figure. :-)

We ended up at a clinic (like Urgent Care) and Generous got tested for Malaria. She is feeling badly with the symptoms of Malaria - achy, headache, extreme fatigue. She insisted I come back to the hotel and leave her to find out the results so we wouldn't have to pay more for our driver (Christopher drove the guys to Jinja). I have not heard from her yet as to how she feels. I am hoping she can join us tonight for dinner again.

The day is still very cloudy but the rain has stopped. It is about 85 degrees with 90% humidity. Instead of complaining of the heat, I'm trying savor it knowing what we face in a couple of days.

Tomorrow, David is the main preacher at the St. Stephen's Church of Uganda (Anglican - Richard and Generous' church here in Kampala) at 7am - 9am. Then we travel across town to Watoto Church (renamed from KPC Kampala Pentecostal Church) Charles church. Some of you know the Watoto Children's Choir - this church with a congregation of 20,000 supports the several Watoto orphanages here in Kampala. We will come back to the hotel to pack and leave in the late afternoon for the airport in Entebbe (about 45 minutes away). It is important we get there hours before our flight to avoid getting caught in a traffic jam here in Kampala and possibly miss our 10:55pm flight. We will fly 9 hours to Amsterdam - have a six hour layover - fly 9 hours to Chicago - arriving at 1:25pm on Monday - depart Chicago at 4pm for DTW arriving at 6:29pm on Delta #3489 (Jenny!). A very long journey home and more difficult with the time adjustment coming West.

We look forward to our "conveniences" and relatively easy lives again but I (Sue) always find it very difficult to say goodbye to our Ugandan friends.

Thanks for your prayers and those of you who have sent "comments" to the blog!


  1. Yeah! You leave to come home today! I am sure it is bitter sweet but I am so excited to have you back in the states. I am praying for patiences, safe travels, and God's speed!
    All my love!

  2. Sue - For some reason, you have been on my heart all day today. It wasn't until I read your blog that I saw that today was your travel back to Michigan day. So, your day has been "bathed" in prayer today by me. I am hoping your travels went OK.

    Love to you - Kapina