Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013:  We are on our last day in Uganda, wrapping up the last pieces of our agenda.  We all had a good nights sleep, although we were all awake at 6:30 am which has been our normal wake up time.  After a good breakfast and REAL COFFEE, John and Michelle, traveled to Makerere University to meet with Professor Phinehas Tukamuhabwa, Ph.D who is a professor of Agriculture.  In the early afternoon, Karen, Dave, Michelle, Elizabeth and Kelsey went to the craft market one more time for some last minute purchases, in part to pick up some item seen during the previous visit, and to use their remaining shillings.  Around 2:30 PM our time, John, Dave and Richard Turinawee, attempted to locate agriculture testing supples, as well as outer clothing for the workers who will be doing the testing and field work.  We were not successful, as it appears the needed soil testing equipment will need to be purchased in the US and shipped to Uganda.  We will be able to purchase the needed clothing in Kabale.  Right now we are ready to sit down for our dinner, then we will leave for the airport, which is over an hour away.  Our flight is at 11:30 pm, and is approximately 17 hours of flying.  We have had a very good and successful trip.  Pray for us as we depart, Elizabeth has over 2,000 photos.  Our presentations in Midland and Holt will be very interesting and educational, we can not wait.  See you soon.

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