Friday, May 10, 2013

Dear Friends and Family: After an anxious week of packing, shopping, calling Sue Waechter, weighing the suitcases and then repeating all of the above multiple times we are almost ready! Dave and Karen will leave on Saturday evening, May 11th to arrive ahead of the rest of the team in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. John, Michelle, Kelsey and Elizabeth will leave on Sunday evening, May 12th. By the time they arrive, we should have the cell phones set up and other details arranged. We have decided to mail the wedding gift to our former board chair, Charles  Tuhaise, and also many of the pillowcase dresses since we just didn't have room for them all. We will also have to leave behind some of our heaviest books for the lending library we want to set up at the Muko Empowerment Centre.  However, at the last minute, we plan to stuff in anything possible if there is any amount of space or poundage available! We have some beautiful MUSIC posters which fit into the violin cases. Kelsey remembered that we would need tuners to help the beginners learn to tune the instruments and that called for another trip to Marshall Music. John discovered a contact in Kampala and arranged an agricultural meeting for May 27th that called for a change in itinerary and we are still waiting for a confirmation on our rooms for the final night in Kampala. Stay tuned for that! Thank you to our churches and orphan sponsors for their help in getting us ready. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and your kind words of support. I am personally looking forward to the long ride for some meditation, music, reading, and preparing to see our staff, children, their families, volunteers, and friends in Uganda.We are sending our love to you all- We'll post a message from Uganda when we arrive!

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