Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dear Friends and Family: We just arrived back in Kampala at the Adonai House. Christopher, our excellent driver, did very well negotiating the potholes, traffic, and challenging roads from KabaleTown to Kampala. We arrived when it was still daylight, a really great achievement. We traveled between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. We have learned a new level of "Christopher talk". When he is aggravated or concerned he says, "Wow". If the aggravation or concern level goes up, he says" Wow, wow, wow". The most extreme agitations calls for "Really wow!" Christopher has been a rock for us, insuring our safety all of the time. We also feel this same serenity at the Adonai House- a place for missionaries to rest and regroup.Even as we write this they are planning a meal which will be rather home cooked. Everyone has been looking forward to getting home to some familiar food!
     Generous's daughter, Jorryn, rode home with us and we found her absolutely delightful. Our girls amused her with John's I Pad, playing with an application known as photobooth. This allows images to be distorted, which Jorryn found very amusing. It was nice to have some extra entertainment on the long trip back!
     Tomorrow John and Michelle will meet with Dr. Phinhouse, an agricultural expert at Makerere University regarding soybeans and barley. The rest of the team plans to repack all the suitcases since we picked up another batch of crafts at Generous' home and we need to fit it all in. Those of you who helped us prepare for the trip will understand the packing and weighing process. We plan to have dinner at the Adonai House before leaving for the airport. In just a short time we will be home again. We are thinking we will have time for one more blog tomorrow before we leave. We have had an amazing trip and look forward to sharing with all who can come to our debriefs on June 8th in Holt and on June 27th in Midland.

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