Monday, July 9, 2012

Dear ACT friends,
We have arrived safely in Kabale after another very long day. It is 12:30am and I am very tired. I finished typing the blog a few minutes ago and the computer spontaneously shut down without saving my document. So, I will say good night for now and share more tomorrow when I am fresher!

Just a teaser: we had a very, very productive day in Kampala before leaving for Kabale!



  1. Syd gave me some inside to your teaser - wow!
    You have an angel watching over you.
    Love and prayers for a busy and productive week-

  2. This is Sydney's Aunt saying thank you for the blog updates! The tremendous impact that your presence makes for the people of Uganda is such an inspiration. Please know that you have much support with prayer from our family back in Michigan. Much love to you, Syd! As with all that you do, you make us very proud.
    Kim Murray